Camp Lazlo dump part 1

Moved some boxes around in the garage and these jumped right out of their folders ran past me into the house and onto the scanner. So for those few Camp Lazlo fans that post comments on my blog, this is for you! Enjoy or ....I guess be bored, I'll draw new things some day.

Though these are copies, they are still nothing short of incredible. The wonderfully talented Art director Sue Mondt, and amazing bg painters Chris Roszak, Dominique Blaskovich, Dennis Durrell, Kelly Chan, and Kaz Aizawa . A few of their traditional paintings of camp below. Will post some bg rough layouts soon.


BettyX-5(Pepper R) said...
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BettyX-5(Pepper R) said...

Thank you a lot of pictures of Camp Lazlo!

Camp Lazlo has been rebroadcast many times in Japan.

[I won something!]
↑In this blog
I was able to see the enjoyable self-portrait which you drew.

"I'll draw new things some day. "
↑I look forward to it.(^◇^)

I would like to award you a Lazlo trophy!

Sorry if my English is wrong



[I won something!]






SteveLambe said...

Beauties! Can't wait for Part II, C.

Emmet Paul said...

Camp Lazlo is one of my Favorite Cartoons, Raggio

BettyX-5 said...

Oh, I forgot to tell you.
I love this blog.

"C" said...

Thanks Steve, It's been fun to revisit this stuff again.

Emmet Paul said...
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Emmet Paul said...
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Emmet Paul said...

can you please do new drawings from the Camp Lazlo episode Miss Fru Fru?

BettyX-5 said...


My favorite is the picture of this blog.↓↓↓
you drew  → Mr.C!!!

Ayumi Sophia said...

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